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Vision & Mission


To be a reliable, trusted Iranian company in a peaceful world.And as an energy company, ISI. Is committed to providing the world's population with affordable energy, considering to the highest safety and environmental standards.


Making the life more comfortable by offering services to the energy sector in the region, and like any other private company, we're obligated to deliver profits and growth to our shareholders, our customers and providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.

Our Values

  • Dedicated to the most exacting requirements in order to achieve the highest environmental standards.
    Honestly in word and act
    Compliance word and act
    Trust each other and avoiding the conspiracy conception
    Refrain from blaming others and taking self-responsibility
    Humility, while having self esteem
    Courage while avoiding shamelessness
    Loyalty to our covenant
    Respect for opposing views and learn from them
    Valuing your time and other people
    Value The duty
    Value The social discipline

Our Principle

  • The international thinking with national orientation
    Compatible economic activity with social commitment
    Human oriented development
    Commitment to continuous quality improvement
    Courage in innovation
    Flexibility in adopting procedures
    Not proud of succession and losing hope in failure
    Reduce costs and increase productivity
    Welcomes the teamwork
    Promote a culture of learning and teaching and spreading the spirit of helping each other
    Preferring the social interest than personal interest
    The importance of giving dignity to the hard work and hard working
    Recognizing the value of entrepreneurships
    Respect for elders and respect people with experience
    Deep respect for the customer
    Reasonable price and quality for products and services
    Reduce delivery times
    The speed and accuracy in providing after-sales service
    Straight and transparency in relations
    An openness, nondestructive, generosity behavior with competitors
    Cooperation in energy sector with other associations