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1999: ISI "Intelligent Solutions Inc." established as General Contractors.
1999: ISI PERFORMS Scada SYSTEM for Ardebil WATER Co. of East Azerbaijan.
2001: performing automation system for Sahar Dairy Company CIP systems "clean in place" .
2002: Industrial Automation for Takestan Glass Co., Karoon Cement Co. and Kaveh Paper Mill.
2003: supplying instrumentation parts and maintenance of for Shahid Rejaee Power Plant.
2004: Control Systems of AHAR Dam, EPC , of East Azerbaijan
2005: SCADA System for Sistan and Baluchistan water Co.
2006: Procurement and Installation Instruments of Khorasan Crystal Melamin Company
2007: Siri island new power distribution line including 14 substation ,EPC, first Project for Iranian Offshore Company (IOOC)
2008: Consulting NIOPDC for online and offline vehicle Tracking Systems.
2008: Procurement and Installation of instrumentation in ARAK Petrochemical Company.
2008: Engineering and procurement of Jam Petrochemical DCS system .
2009: Renovation of Siri "D","A" & "E" Platforms control systems of IOOC.
2009: renovation of gas station custody transfer, Level & Temperature Gauging of 40 stations nationwide.
2009: Engineering for Foroozan Reconstruction and Renovation for IOOC.
2010: EPC for Bahregan Airport Lighting System for IOOC.
2010: IOOC awarded Hengam Offshore Development Project EPCI For Topsides and Infield Pipelines and Subsea Cables.
2011: Renovation of Water Injection Systems of Siri Island , IOOC.
2012: Control System Upgrading to DCS of Salman Offshore Complex for IOOC.
2013: ISI Fabrication and Construction Yard stablished in Assaluieh, Bushehr District.
2014: IOOC awarded EPC project for Renovation of Instruments in Salman Offshore Complex .
2014: Renewing all Pressure and Flow Transmitter of Salman Complex for IOOC.
2015: Renewing Power and Control Panels of 8 gas Turbines of Salman Oil Platform.
2015: migration F&G and ESD Monitoring System from SUN to Microsoft windows equipped with Factory Talk software .
2016: Remote Control And Telemetry Systems Phase 4 for 12 Water Storage of East Azerbaijan Water and Wastewater Company.
2017: Remote Control And Telemetry Systems Phase 1 for 75 Water Wells of East Azerbaijan Water and Wastewater Company.